Autor Jordi Pinto

Barcelona’s Casa Parramon publishes “The Parramon Tenor Viola” by Jordi Pinto.

This book describes the fascinating period of musical activity that unfolded in Catalonia during the first third of the twentieth century, narrating the story of a new and charismatic stringed instrument that aimed to offer new options for the interpretation of music for the viola. Whereas the construction of the violin and cello had been refined and perfected by the early XVIII century, the development of the viola is more problematic and can still appear to lack a satisfactory point of arrival.

The tenor viola, crafted nearly a century ago by the cellist and luthier Ramon Parramon, offered what was, at the time, a hitherto unconsidered solution to the problematic construction of the viola. The book delves into the reasoning that motivated the instrument’s creation, its historic environment and the way in which history interacted with its development, so that an instrument, which many musicians at the time were ready to embrace as a valid option, ended up losing ground and disappearing from the musical scene. This book is intended not only for professional violists and serious students of the viola, but also for anyone interested in music, be they instrumentalists, luthiers or music lovers.

What is the tenor viola and why is it so different from the viola we are all familiar with? How did Ramon Parramon come to design the tenor viola? Where was it imagined and created? What was the reach of the tenor viola and in which cities and countries was it played? How many instruments were built? Where might one find these instruments today?

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